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If you are needing immediate support then please contact these 24/7helplines:


116 124

Combat Stress

0800 138 1619

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How it works

1 Sign Up

Service leavers/veterans enter the ‘military’ portal, which will allow you to sign up or log in. When signing up you will be asked to fill in your name, email address, which service you were in, you service number, a phone number and a password.

2. Choose Charity

Once you have filled in all of your details, you will be taken to a ‘select your charity’ page.  If you already know which charity you would like, then you just need to select that charity in the drop down.
If you don’t know which charity you would like, click the ‘view our charities’ button at the bottom of the page, and it will take you to a list of all of the charities and give you information about each one to help you choose which charity will suit you.

3. Nominated Contacts

Once you have chosen your charity you will be taken to a nominated contacts page. You will need to choose the people that will be a contact if you need someone. You will need to add their name and email address. Then registration is complete.

4 Login

Now you are signed up you can login to the app.
Here you can tell the app how you feel today by pressing one of the colours that suits your mood, if red the app  will give you a pop with numbers that you can call if you need help.
You can also take the quiz if you are unsure of how you feel by clicking the button underneath.

5. Quiz

If you’re unsure of how you feel you can take the quiz.  Simply answer the questions and the the app will tell you what colour suits you today. This will then be saved to your account. If amber or red, it will automatically inform your nominated contacts and chosen charity by email, so that they can get in touch to see how they can help you.

6. Chat

A chat option is available if you need to send a message to your chosen charity. They will respond when they are available and online.
If you need urgent help, press the red button instead, the charity may contact you quicker this way and you will be given additional crisis support numbers.

7. My Account

This is where you will see how you are feeling today, any details you want to change e.g. charity, nominated contacts and where you can logout.


As a charity, you will be given a login to the site, so that you can add or edit your information and see all of the members utilising your charity.  You will also see chats and statuses.
If you would like to sign up please contact us here

So who are

Ur Back Up?

Ur Back Up UK CIC was created last year by a trustee team of veterans.  Having witnessed or experienced stresses during a time of need for mental health support, the idea for a simple app connecting veterans and charities to one another was created.  We care, because we’ve been there, and we don’t want to see others going through the same.

Our App Is Based on Our Team’s Personal Experiences

When it feels like a barrier prevents you from accessing care, finding the help you need can be challenging. We get it, because we’ve been there.

Ur Back Up UK CIC supports you in attaining the help that you need, by removing the obstacles that prevent care access. Our app allows you to monitor your mood and to inform your specially nominated contact and chosen charity, without having to find the words to do so.

Charities can also utilise the website as a triaging tool, so that none of their veterans can slip through the cracks.

Part of our app development was funded by The National Lottery and the Virgin Money Foundation, along with support from Northern Soul Consultancy and Clydesdale Bank.

You’re not alone.  People do genuinely care. With our app, help is now available at the click of a button.

Benefits of Having Easy Access to Mental Health Care

The importance of having access to mental health services as serving personnel or a veteran cannot be understated. Being healthy means more than having a good run time.

We invite you to explore everything we offer at Ur Back Up UK CIC. Our veteran-based team developed these resources because they had to conquer these same challenges. You’ve worked hard to reach the point where you are today. Let’s make tomorrow brighter together.

Just a couple of our